The Weekly Read 5#: Jail time

What is the Weekly Read? It’s where I give you my take of the news of and share other things that have caught my attention the past week.

Get out of jail free cards are not in the hands of Park Geun-Hye, Brexit is making everyone jittery and America outrages people because that’s what it does best. 

(Photo by Timothy Ries @Unsplash)

From Riches to Jail?

You may have heard about South Korea. You may have come across a KDrama or ten, you may have seen some Kpop bands in passing with their elaborate choreographies. You may know about Kimchi, which is one of the best thing since sliced bread.

But you may not know that the President of South Korea, or should I say former President, has been impeached and has been arrested.

Why? Abuse of power, corruption and etc. Typical of politicians, right? Nope if you look at the way this saga has evolved. You might need to ask yourself whether this is just some dramatic twist of a Drama or if this is real life.

But the millions of people who protested and demanded she step down make this a real life event. The fact that weekends were prime time for protests made public transport hard to navigate at times when I was in Seoul.

Thousands though seem unhappy with the outcome and they have taken to the streets to showcase their support for Park Geun-Hye, the daughter of a man who used to be the dictator of South Korea, the woman who had ended up with both her parents assassinated in her 20s.

I’ll admit that I’m not a connoisseur of Korean politics but this looks bad and indefensible. I’m still incredulous that she couldn’t get a hint and clung to power until the very end, even after her attempts to apologise were met with scorn and anger from the public. And I’m even more incredulous that her life hardships may be seen by some as a reason to be lenient. A court will judge if she’s guilty or not and decide for an appropriate sentence. What I know is that South Koreans who have come out in droves in the street to protest corruption have given me hope. Instead of just accepting it as a fact of life, they have decided that they are fed up and just took to the streets, for weeks, to state that their voices matter.


I don’t want to spend too much time here to talk about Brexit. I’m planning to write a post that will give you my take on it (suffice it to say I am camp remainer – reform trumps revolution all the time).

But I thought I’d share a few articles that have looked at Brexit.

The Economist Brexit begins is a must read.

“There is a possibility of a deal between Britain and the EU that minimises Brexit’s harm. Unfortunately, in a negotiation against the clock where both sides start so far apart, there is also a big risk of one that maximises harm instead.”

The Observer released a tough editorial on EU negotiations. Another must read because it reminds all those obsessed with control, that we now live in a world that is very different from that of Britain’s colonial and imperial past. A world where we’re stronger together, a world where we must to remain relevant on the global stage cooperate rather than withdraw.

“It has become crystal clear that not only will the EU set the agenda for the exit talks, it will also control their pace, parameters and conclusions – or else, no deal at all. It will be the EU, not Britain, that decides when “sufficient progress” has been made to allow talks on trade to commence. It will be the EU that sets the terms governing the transition needed to avoid the cliff edge so feared by business. And it will be the EU that decides whether Britain has paid its dues. Nobody in last year’s Leave campaign talked about a leaving bill of up to £50bn. They will have to now if they want to make progress.”

And both the FT‘s Gideon Rachman and The Washington Post‘s  Ishaan Tharoor penned articles tying Britain’s delusions of grandeur very much tied to its imperialist past.

Terrible things are happening

…in America. Duh.

Trump’s new executive order is sending the disturbing message that it’s okay if you ruin the environment for prosperity, whilst bringing little change to the fate of the coal industry. Short-termism surely is the way to go! I’m sincerely hoping that the younger generation of today will sue the US government for endangering their lives in the future. Can someone tell me if that is possible?

Bill O’Reilly shows his bigotry, just as usual by attacking Congresswoman Maxine Waters for her hair  (not for whatever she was saying but her hair – I guess Bill here is a hair aficionado nowadays) – calling it a James Brown wig. He showed his stupid as well going for a stupid ad hominem argument to shut her down. Classic everyday sexism. Classic Misoginoir. When will Republicans learn? At this rate, never. But don’t you worry because Twitter clapped back with #BlackWomenAtWork

And finally Michael Flynn, the disgraced politician, has asked for immunity in order to give the dets on Russia?!?!?!?!?!?!? I guess the Trump administration Russia’s troubles won’t be over anytime soon. The real question is…can we talk of treason/convoluting between the Trump camp and the Russians and Wikileaks? A part of me is praying that it can’t be true but if it is…I’d like to see those responsible punished.


1. Uncle George made a fool out of all of us with his April Fool’s joke. I was hoping and praying that this was no joke but no, sadly George Takei won’t be running for Congress against horrible politician Congressman Davin Nunes who is taking his job as Chair  😦 TEARS. SADNESS.

2. Some say that 21st century Republicans are the most uncaring party of all times. Sadly and with a heavy heart I have to agree. Lindy West explains why in this opinion piece for The Guardian.

3. Vice President boasted – it seems – that he never dines alone with a woman. An employment lawyer writes about how this is probably illegal because din din, it could equate to work place discrimination. It also could explain why women are held back at work.

Highlights of the Week

How American women gained, lost, and are regaining their collective voice – Vox

Abigail Adams Wrote to John in 1776: Remember The Ladies or We’ll Rebel – The Washington Post

Fifty years ago, Kathrine Switzer broke a Boston Marathon barrier. Today, more women run than men – The Washington Post 

Podcast of the Week

North Korean Nukes with Mark Lipper – Pod Save the World


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