5 Things I Wish Were April Fools’

(Photo by Trevor Cleveland @ Unsplash)

…But sadly aren’t.

1. Donald Trump and his Tangerine Administration

Photo by Samantha Sophia @ Unsplash

I spend enough time reading and ranting about this every week. Suffice to say that I wish this was just a cruel April Fools’ joke that has been going on too long.

2. Brexit

Photo by Chris Lawton @ Unsplash

Too much uncertainty I can’t handle, and that’s exactly what Brexit is. Uncertainty for the next two years if we’re lucky, but I can’t help but think that this is just going to go on forever.

3.  Rejections

Photo by Andrew Branch @ Unsplash

They’re just horrible. They make you doubt yourselves and wonder why what you wanted did not work out. Hence they should be an April Fools’ joke.


4. Unrequited Love?

Photo by Mayur Gala @ Unsplash

Do I need to say more? Well, at least once in your life you’ll have a crush/fall in love with someone who does not love you back. Sometimes you might be the person not loving back. It sucks either way, and I’m going through the former right now – although I actually do not know if the person who I have feelings for likes me back. Ugh. I just wish it was just a bad April Fools’ joke that will go away.

5. Adulthood

Photo by Matthew Henry @ Unsplash

With great freedom comes great responsibility. Adulthood is tough, and the choices and responsibilities that come with it need way more adjusting than me and some of my friends have thought. Sometimes I wish it was still university time, when my only preoccupation was handing in my essay in time. Sometimes the realities of adulthood make you wish it was just April Fools’.

What are the things you wish were April Fools’ but sadly aren’t?


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