5 Things Happening this October

Photos: Sidhart Bhatia via Unsplash; the others are mine! 

This is my favorite month. It starts getting a bit chilly sadly but it is no way as bad as winter. October is amazing, autumn is amazing and I can’t believe we’ll soon be reaching the middle of the time. How time flies.

Here are the 5 Things Happening (or that have already happened) this October.

1. I’m making friends

My Oxford friends, who sadly are younger than me, went back to university. And I was left here alone. The sense of isolation was real. But no more!

I finally took the courage to get out of bed earlier one weekend and go to a language exchange. Best decision I ever made. I made friends, practiced some Korean language skills and since then I’ve been talking to them. Just this past weekend I ended up having lunch at Rachel ( a new found friend) house followed by the Seoul International Fireworks Festival, which was amazing and so worth freezing over.

2. The 2016 Presidential Election Looms

….because duh. Political nerd here. I have written in the past about Hillary Clinton,  Donald Trump  and a letter to the GOP as part of what I would hope would become a political brand feature on my blog I sadly don’t have much time for these days. And I’m following the election and freaking out about the future of the world if America is set to crumble…Apocalyptic scenarios are definitely running through my mind but I can’t stop following it.

3. Making time to learn Korean

So far I’ve been bad about this. I’m hoping that this month will prove to be better in that area. I’ll start…tomorrow. I promise.

4. Making time from friends and family who are not nearby

It’s a struggle, mainly for the time difference. When it’s morning here, it’s deep in the night in Italy, and when it’s late here it’s only afternoon in Italy. Communication has been a bit sporadic, not so much with the ‘rents who would be severely upset if they didn’t hear from me every day, but with friends. We’re all busy doing our things, and it’s been harder than usual to communicate everyday.

It feels so weird, because I went from talking to them or seeing them around the quad every day to hearing from them once a week, if things go well. Sigh.

Time management skills need to develop like yesterday to better handle this.


I’m turning 23! Yay! The day is October 30th. No that’s not Halloween but the day before -.-

I’m super excited and I’m trying to figure out what to organize for it. I’ll probably go out with my new found friends and do something. We’ll see. I mean, it’s a Sunday, so there’s only so much I can do when I have work the next day, but I’m very excited and I can’t wait.


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