5 Things that Happened this August

Photo: Emile-Victor Portenart via Unsplash

I know, I know. It’s been ages.

August turned out to be a whirlwind of changes and I just have now the moment to sit down and take a deep breath.

I’ll write more in-depth blog posts about some of the chances that have been going on in my life soonish. I promise.

For the sake of the “5 things” update, I’ll talk about the 5 things that have happened and still have to happen this August 2016.

1. I left London…

On August 8th, I moved out of my London flat, packed my things and departed. I took a one way flight back to Milan and who knows when and if I will be going back.

It was a hard as well as easy decision to make, and so far I have no regrets. I needed a break from London. I needed a break from the UK. The almost 6 years I spent in that country were magical. I’ve changed so much from the 16 years old spoiled teen that I was on August 27th 2010. And I love who I have become. So thank you London for making it possible.

2. …for Seoul

So I moved to Seoul, with a two week interlude in Milan. I arrived here on August 24th after leaving my Italian home at 6 am of the day before. So far Seoul has been great and I’m quickly falling in love with this city. (Stay tuned for posts on why I moved to London, why I left it and why I’m now in Seoul.)

3. I actually have a job!

Adulthood is really coming. This summer has been hectic between moving country twice, SPECTRA and graduation, it still feel surreal. But I’ve got a job that I will be starting this coming Monday and I can’t help but be super excited. The job is the reassurance I needed to prompt the move to Seoul, and I couldn’t have found a better job to be honest. It suits me perfectly, I’ll be learning tons and I just can’t wait for it all.

4. Living alone

Let’s be honest. University years are very much a transition between your teens and your adult years. You’re definitely more in charge of your life but you’re still guided and somehow cuddled. At least that’s how it felt to me. But now I actually have a flat all to myself, no friends around, no roommates. Just me, myself and I. I have bills to pay, cleaning to do and potentially food to make (eating out is so inexpensive out here that I doubt I’ll be near the hob that much). Gosh, I’m really becoming an adult!


So SPECTRA launched on July 31st. We had a launch event in London and since then it’s only been an amazing experience. I have an amazing team of people who work just as hard and believe just as much in a vision: a world where women and their stories are represented fairly in the media. So thank you India, thank you Ankita, and thank you Eleanor. SPECTRA wouldn’t be what it is without your contribution.


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