5 Things Happening this June

Photo: Rochelle Nicole via Unsplash 

After disappearing from the blogosphere for a month, I’m back. Yay!

May was busy but things are definitely slowing down this month. The weather is still weird. Sometimes it is sunny and sometimes it is just so cold.

Here are the 5 things happening this June:

1. Exams

The dreaded finals have come and have almost done. They’re the reasons why I’ve gone MIA recently from the blogosphere but now I’m rejoining the world of the living. It’s been a rollercoast for sure, and I’ve had times when I struggled, when I was frustrated and when I was upset with myself. But we’re getting there and on June, 11 I’ll be done. No more exam for this girl!

2. University ends

Gosh. It’s been 3 years already. It seems just like yesterday I was moving into Brasenose for the first time, and now it’s over.  I can’t help feeling excited and sad at the same time. I know I’ll cry when I’ll be moving out, but I want to try to enjoy these last few weeks as much as I can. University has been a magical experience and I’m planning to have as much fun with my friends before all go our separate ways.

3. Switching off

Contrary to popular belief switching off is not easy. Our minds are a constant flurry of activities and thoughts doing their own thing. I genuinely feel restless everytime I do not do something but I need some time off. It’s been an intense year and I do need time off. And that’s what I’ll do (or what I’ll try to do after June 18th). Perhaps starting meditation again will help me with that.

4. Become a real adult

Being a student is awesome. It gives you some amount of flexibility and responsibility but you’re not fully left to your devices. But no more. Getting a job/starting a career is paramount if I don’t want to leave off the bank of mom and dad (trust me I don’t. Paying taxes, changing my bank account and learning to budget are things that I’ll need to do. I guess they’re all parts of being an adult.

5.  Figure out my life

Where will I live? Will I get the job that I want? So many people have it all figured out and it seems like I haven’t. The majority of them are moving to the City to work as lawyers, bankers, consultants and etc. Some are going on gap years, and others are moving somewhere else. At times the fact that my plans have not worked as I planned made me feel like I was less than.

But I’ve realised something: I should not spend my time wondering what others are doing and why I’m not in the same position. It’s hard today than it used to be because our feeds are innundated with pictures and news of our friends getting engaged, getting that job or whatever.

I know that carving out my path will not be easy. I’ve learnt so much in this past few months. I’ve learnt how to pick myself up after job rejections, I’ve learnt to deal with grief even when all you want to do is crawl up in a corner and cry yourself to sleep. It’s all part of life. There will be mistakes, there will be tears, and perhaps I’ll never fully figure out my life.

But that’s okay. It’s just part of becoming an adult.

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Thank you for taking the time to read! What are you going to be up to this June?



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