Why I’m rebranding my blog

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I’ve promised that I would talk about why I’m rebranding my blog in my April update.

There always comes a time with me when I feel like my blog is not right or it’s letting me down. It has happened before.

This is the most successful attempt at blogging I’ve ever made but for a while I haven’t been fully happy with it because I felt like I was all over the place. So I thought about starting afresh, closing down shop or just do a rebrand.

I’ve chosen the latter.

Here are the things you should expect from this new rebranded blog:

1.  A new tagline

“Unleashing my inner storyteller” is no more. Now it’s “Approaching adulthood”. My life is changing and I’m genuinely approaching adulthood from all its angles every day. Soon I’ll be done with university, I’m currently job hunting and I have to decide whether to stay put in the UK or move somewhere else pretty soon.

I’m still unleashing my inner storyteller and my thoughts and opinions will be shared still in this corner of the internet, but I feel like the new tagline does describe where I’m at in my life at this time.

2. My experiences

Hence the new categorization. I have decided to introduce this new menu tab, with the subsections life abroad, motivation, how to and travel.

Life abroad is pretty self-explanatory. I’ve been living abroad for more than 5 years now and I’ve never actively shared what that has meant for me as a person, how I have grown and how I’ve found this experience.

How to will include any useful advice I have come across throughout the years that has been helpful. I’ll talk about careers, traveling, moving abroad, university choices and etc. Anything that has helped me have a more entrepreneurial mindset.

Travel will include any traveling I have done/will do.

3. Motivation

Motivation will be the space where you will be able to find anything that has/is motivated and inspired me and some realizations that are making me strive to become a better person.

4. A new ABOUT page

A rebranded blog requires a new ABOUT page. Hence I’ve changed it to better reflect why I’m blogging in the first place.

5. A new look and feel 

To accompany these changes in structure I felt like I should change the look and feel of my blog. I’m still not a 100% satisfied with how it looks so I’ll be tweaking and changing themes to see how I feel about them for a little longer. I’m open to any suggestions if you’re happy to share them!

So here are the things that you should expect from my new blog. Hopefully you’ll stick around.

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