5 Things Happening this April

Photo : Miro Dozo via Unsplash

March has gone so fast. Where has the time gone? Who knows. But…

It’s April! Yay! Sunny Days and flowers blooming and hopefully less rain for those in the UK. I’ve done some of the things I wanted to do last month and others are yet to be done but I’ve made some progress.

Here are the 5 things that are happening this April:

1.  Italy

As I’m typing this I’m sitting in my hometown in Italy. This time away from college is already making me feel so much better. I needed a break and I’m glad I’ve got one, if only partial, from university. It doesn’t hurt that I’m spending time with family and friends. Now I can go back a bit more relaxed and ready to slay revision.

2. Blog rebranding

I don’t know if you have noticed but things have changed in this blog. I’ve changed my about page, I’ve changed the looks of the blog (may change it again soonish), and I’ve added a “my experiences” category. I needed a change and I’ll explain in another blog post why. So stay tuned for that tomorrow.

3. Level 2 Korean 

I’ve met my goal. I’ve finished Level 1 Korean in the first few days of April and now I’ve just got to move to Level 2. My vocab knowledge is terrible and my reading speed is still too slow but now I can understand a few things and I have a grasp of some basic grammar knowledge. I’m excited about starting Level 2 and I hope I’ll be able to finish it by June/July exams permitting.

4. How to… and motivational stuff

This has to do with the rebranding of my blog. I now have a section where I’ll post how to.. and motivational stuff. I’ve been asked directly and indirectly by friends of mine to write about what kinds of things motivate me and how to do specific things and where I get my resources for job applications, revision tips and etc so I’m just going to write about them here.

5. Revision

23 May 2016. That’s the start of my final exams, and probably of my toughest challenge so far in my life. Revision is what I need to do until then. I have plenty of time (I hope) and I really want to do well. I’m weirdly excited about exams because I just want to get them over with but a part of me cannot help but be terrified. Fingers crossed this intense revision period will be fine.

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I hope your March was cool and that you’re looking forward to what this month has to offer you. What is happening in your life this month?

Peace out!


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