Kim K and the Politics of Slut Shaming

Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer via CC BY-SA

I’m a former slut shamer.

It is not something that I am proud of. I’m actually quite disappointed in myself but I have grown and I have learnt and now this shameful detail is no longer part of how I think, and I try to steer away from it as much as I can.

I’m also quite puritanical. When I was younger I had no qualms in showing a bit of cleavage and wearing strapless dresses…now they make me uncomfortable. I do not condone one-night stands and I can’t see myself having kids outside of marriage.

But those things apply to me. There are things about how I want to live my life and need not and do not have to apply to everybody.

Kim Kardashian posted a nude selfie a few days ago.

Some people posted comments like:

“I can’t wait till your children grow u and question why you were what you were”


“look IDGAF what she do with her body! I’m just saying it’s DISRESPECTFUL to her husband. Thanks.

And others had more positive comments about how she represented “body goalss”.

Asked me what I had thought about her selfie a year and a half ago and I probably would have bee uncomfortable. I would have thought about her kids and the shame of having a mother parading her body around for attention.

Now I say that she’s entitled to do whatever she wants. It’s her body. And although I would never do something like this myself, she is entitled to do everything she wants with her body and celebrate it how she sees fit. Her body, contrary to what some people think does not belong to her husband. It’s hers.

And for all those who claim how she’s terrible and what she is doing is objectifying herself and being a bad role model and etc. I say that you’re participating in the same culture that polices women’s body. You are on the same scale as those who believe that women should not be entitled to choose whether to take the pill or have an abortion, those who believe that breastfeeding in public is wrong and etc.

Leave her live her life as she sees fit. She’s not hurting anyone. And she’s entitled to embrace her sexuality and her body whatever way she wants. Stop hating. This is not about you.

And ask yourself whether your reaction would have been the same at a male celebrity doing the same: posting a nude. You’d probably shrug your shoulders and say nothing. There would be no comments about how could his girlfriend allow him to do that. You would not care.

Amber Rose, thank God for her and her fighting against slut shaming, defended Kim against the likes of Pink who wrote a veiled jab at Kim K.

“Damn Pink we were all born naked society sexualizes our breast and bodies. If a grown mother of 2 is comfortable with her body and wants to show it off that’s none of ur business or anyone else’s.”

But Kim best defended herself. And slayed.



Live and let live folks.


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What are your thoughts on the Kim K nude? Yay or Nay?

3 thoughts on “Kim K and the Politics of Slut Shaming

  1. You know, It isn’t so much that she posed nude. Who cares? I sunbathe topless when I’m in France but I wouldn’t do it here in the States because I would be arrested. It’s the TONE she took upon shedding her clothing. Her smug remark that she had nothing to wear was beyond vulgar. Do you–or does Kim K. realize that there are women in throughout the world who cannot afford the clothing, the accessories, basically anything that she owns. It was a statement of entitlement and arrogance. And for that–she was disgusting I don’t give two shits what this vulgar asshole does–but the fact of HOW she did it was inappropriate, self-centered, narcissistic and ugly. She is a pig. Hands down. She is a vile and vulgar pig. And her being a pig has nothing to do with posting nude pics. It’s her tone!


    1. That is a fair point. The first pic that she posted with the I don’t have anything to wear, can be classified on all the things you expressed. The comment could be classified as entitled and arrogant. I don’t dispute that. I just think people should stop judging her and women in general who wants to take their clothes and post nude pics, or celebrating their womanhood without clothes on.


  2. Apparently, she posted two pics. One as quoted above and the other with nothing to wear–which makes it even worse. She tried to do damage control. Or rather damage cunt-rol.


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