5 Things I’m Excited About this February

No. It’s not Valentine’s Day. I don’t get that holiday and will never do. And I hate flowers anyway.

But I’m excited about a lot of things this amazing February. So here is the list:

1.  Today is my parents’ anniversary 

25 years ago, on February 4th,  my parents got officially married in the town hall of Divo, Côte d’Ivoire and 25 years later they’re still an item. This is a call for celebration. To 25 more years and many more – my parents are immortal and will definitely be alive forever.  #relationshipgoals


2. Black History Month

Do I need to explain this? Oh well, okay. We had Black History Month here in the UK in October but who cares? We can always celebrate once more.  I have in store a number of things for the blog about this amazing month, with hopefully a post every week remembering the amazingness of Black people and their contribution to a history that too often tend to forget them or relegate them to slaves and subjects. Posts should be on Mondays.

Look out for the Black History Month Spotify playlist tomorrow.


3. My thesis

I’m in my final year of university. Next term I’ll be swamped with exams but I’m lucky enough to be spending this term working on my thesis (aka dissertation). Although I had a quick start, and a lazy week and a half and a pressing deadline, I’m so excited about this. I finally have the chance to research and write a 12,000 piece on what I think about the politics of family values in American presidential elections. This is one of the best thing of university and I know it is going to get more stressful with time but I just can’t help but be happy. 😀 Yay!


4. The It Happens Here Campaign 

I’ve been involved with a campaign against sexual violence in Oxford since last May and I enjoy the work we do. This month will be exciting. I’ve enjoyed the events we hosted so far and I’m looking forward to the upcoming ones. We’re raising awareness about this issue and I cannot help but be happy that my fellow committee members and I are trying to make a difference.


5. My blog

I’ve made the decision to truly try to blog regularly and having a sort of semi-flexible schedule when it comes to blogging. I’ve brainstormed ideas for features and for blogs on all sorts of things. If everything goes according to plan this month will be a prolific one. In the pipeline is a special feature on Black History Month, and I’m excited about the launch of Political Brands: A Feature this Saturday with a post on Hillary Clinton. I will also write more #5 Top moments/5 things that….posts regularly.

(Photo: London Scout via Unsplash)

What are you guys excited about this February? 😀


4 thoughts on “5 Things I’m Excited About this February

  1. You are doing great things. I’m getting my wedding sorted out for June. So much to do. My partners birthday fall on Valentines day so that kind of over rides- the day of love 😀 but it is all cool. I am one step closer to co-producing and co -facilitating a eating disorder recovery support group. My diary is filling up and I love being busy. I’m doing my blogging and I can’t believe I have 109 followers -I have only been blogging since sept 2015.

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    1. Daisy you are doing great things! I can’t imagine how to organise a wedding. Great shout for working on a support group for eating disorders and recovery! And congrats on the blogging milestone. 🙂


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