Black Girl Is Magic: A Poem

I believe in magic.

Don’t look at me like that. I do believe in magic.

I believe in Black girl magic.

You see…Black girl is magic.

She’s a heroine. She deals with so much shit and she comes out on top
A beautiful smile , a confident stride, and she knows she’s Queen.

You see Black Girl is Magic.

She’s a heroine. Her weapons are her bravery and her strength and her love. She’s constantly under attack from all sides.

The attacks are of all kinds.
They want to chip at her armour, make her vulnerable and then strike.

The attacks at times come from fellow brothers and sisters
At times from strangers
At times from herself.

The attacks are constant and she finds herself constantly at war, in a mined field
fighting to be heard, fighting to be seen, fighting to not be put in a box forever a part of a category that does not fit.

The attacks can be subtle.
They start from when she is a child when she still sees the world with eyes of
Wonder and kindness.

The attacks can cut deep
So deep that she asks herself if she’ll ever heal.

The attacks can be bigotry, sexism, racism, prejudice, hate, ignorance.
They can be mental. They can be physical.

But she fights. She strives and she wins.

She looses some battles but she does her best to win that war.

Because Black girl is definitely magic.

Black girl is wonderful. Black girl is awesome. Black girl is dope.

And the sky is her only limit…

…Because black girl is magic.

Blavity’s popular hashtag #blackgirlmagic is the inspiration for this poem.

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