Writing 101: The space to write

As part of Writing 101, I’ve been given the task to define my space to write. The task gives three questions to consider:

  • What are your writing habits?
  • What equipment or supplies do you use to write?
  • What do you need and want in a physical space?

Before this task I had never thought about my space to write. I had thought about the kind of space I need to be more productive, to do homework, to write an essay. So I thought about it, and thought about the reasons why one space is better than another at any given time.

I concluded that I do not have a specific writing habit. I just kind of go with the flow.

Sometimes I’d be at a coffee shop, sipping my latter as a I type away at my laptop.

At times I will be on the verge of falling asleep when something will struck me. On those occasions I would either write my ideas on the note app on my iPhone – when I can’t be bothered to get out of bed – or I’d take a piece of pen and paper and write down what my mind tells me.

Or sometimes I’d think about a tune, and sing it whilst taking a shower, and words would instantly come to mind and I’d repeat them so many times in order to not forget them. Then I get my phone, my laptop, a piece of paper, or a notebook and just write.

Sometimes I don’t write at all. I record what comes, and then I listen to it days later, stopping every two seconds to transcribe what my mind told me to say.

Sometimes I’m in my room when I write. Sometimes I’m in the library. Sometimes I’ll have a table or a desk. Sometimes just my legs as support.

There are two types of physical space. One happens to be the external environment one needs to write. The other happens to be my headspace. My brain is just as important as a physical space – if not more important than the external space.

At times my brain registers happiness. I pick up a pen and notebook full with giddiness at the chance to write and explore my creativity. I relish the chance to be able to express myself and to explore realities that are yet to be mine, or will never be.

At times my brain doesn’t cooperate. I spent the last few days staring at a laptop unable to write anything I found remotely interesting. And at times what will push me to write is the desire to reflect on my experiences and to think about my feelings. Sometimes I write in sadness, in anger, in tears, in smiles, in smirks, in anxiety or just in happiness.

5 thoughts on “Writing 101: The space to write

    1. Hi Milehi! I’m glad that you enjoyed my post. Thank you for the question. I actually have never thought about this…it depends on whether I already know that I want to write, or what I want to write before I choose where to go. But I find that when I use my dictaphone, wherever it is, the style varies immensely. And the same is if I’m in bed, where I tend to write poems, or shorter and more direct sentences.
      What about you?

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      1. I think the place I’m in definitely effects my writing, but in an indirect way. The place I’m in usually is tied into something happening or changing in my life so the moment and the space definitely inspire different things in me…Last year I traveled to Israel for the first time which stirred up a lot about my spirituality and identity, being there added a new dimension to my faith. I haven’t taken a stab much at writing in many different places locally, usually just my bed, desk or patio but I do believe place matters so I want to try writing in other places and see what happens!

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      2. It’s so great that you went to Israel and that it has inspired you in its own way. Travelling definitely can help, especially because it has the power to really expose to different things.
        Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

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