Here I am…

I used to write love stories where the lives of my characters had nothing to do with me. Now what I write has a bit more of a personal touch. I’m enjoying poems, attempting screen plays but I always write songs.

Storytelling is part of who I am. Centuries and centuries of West African traditions have given me the privilege of belonging to a family of griot, the traditional oral historians and bards that are custodians of the history of my ancestors. I guess it is no coincidence that I study history and politics at university, giving me the thread of the past to unlock the secrets of the present.

But I ramble…

I had started a blog in the past. And another one, and another one. This is supposed to be the one time when I will actually succeed at blogging!  The purpose of this blog is to document my thoughts, and share some of my writing.

Happy reading, I guess?

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